My Story

Beating-Heart-Pulse-Line-960x744I have a history of a wildly elevated heart rate. It’s been happening to me, ever since I was a teenager, and it has usually been during times of high stress. I have worked in fast-paced workplaces for over 20 years, and all that racing around takes a toll on you, after a while. Many times, I have woken up to my heart racing a million miles a minute – I felt like it would leap out of my chest. My whole body would pound along with my heart – BAM! – BAM! – BAM! and it felt like I was running for my life while being chased by an angry rhino… a hungry cheetah… and my in-laws.

That’s a terrible way to wake up.

I also have plenty of experience with this happening before I go to bed. Something about going to sleep at night just doesn’t appeal to me. I often feel as though there is a lot that’s been left un-done, and I start thinking about everything I have to do in the morning, and then – whammo – the heart starts racing, and … we’re off.

That’s a terrible way to get ready for bed.

Additionally, I have had plenty of experiences where my heart would just start pounding for no apparent reason. I will just be sitting on the couch after dinner, watching t.v. … or sitting in my cubicle at work, composing an email… or driving down the road, to or from work… or even finishing up a workout that left me feeling great… and my heart will suddenly leap into action, like it thinks the rhinos and cheetahs and in-laws are coming. They’re not… but for some reason, my heart thinks they are.

This can happen to me at just about any time.

And it’s a terrible way to live your life.

I actually have a little bit of a heart murmur (no big deal, according to my doctor), so that makes managing my heart rate even more important to me. In any case, being at the mercy of my racing heart is not my idea of a good time, so I’ve had to find something that works for me and gets my heart rate under control.